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Thread: Fightin Bull by Wendell Carson

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    Fightin Bull by Wendell Carson

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    I'm really curious to hear opinions on Wendell Carsons Fightin Bull knives. I had heard that he contracts with Queen to make his parts (frame and blades), and he builds the knives, and fits the handle material. Looking at his work on Ebay, they look like nice knives. On knives that mention the blade steel, they are listed as 420 high carbon stainless. Comments on this blade steel?


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    Hi Jay,

    I can't give you much help on the 420 steel quality but I have owned several Fighting Bull knives and each one of them has been a joy to own. Wendell Carson is one of the classiest folks I have had the pleasure of doing business with hands down. His choice of handle material is outstanding and usually hits the cutting edge of what can be used on a knife...


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