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Thread: Argentine knife makers

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    Argentine knife makers

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    I am wondering if anyone could direct me towards contact and general information for Argentine knife makers. A friend of mine is heading to Mendoza and I want him to keep his eyes peeled for...
    As always, I kindly appreciate any and all help!

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    Lorien, here is link. Click on "knifemakers" and then on "world" and you will see some links to argentine knifemakers.


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    There are great guys in Buenos Aires, and to go to Mendonza your friend must arrive through BA airport I guess, so he might have a chance.

    Look for Marcial here on the forums. He´s a gifted maker and can hook you up with other good makers from Argentina.

    Jeff Velasco

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    I dream of going dove shooting in Argentina..... as soon as a I get callouses big and thick enough on my trigger finger.

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    And Boar hunting! They have excelent Boar there.

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    Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    I dont speak inglish, sorry.
    In Mendoza:,
    In Merlo, San Luis, Diego Attwell:
    In Córdoba, Osvaldo Aguilera
    In Rosario, Forja Fontenla:
    In Buenos Aires city:
    Miguel Pennacchioni:
    Alfredo Kehiayan:
    Nicolás Salonia:
    Miguel Gugliotta: ,
    Mariano Gugliotta:
    Leonardo Daneluz:
    Mariano Yannoni:
    Fernando Caridi:
    Javier Vogt & Marcial dos Santos, VdS:

    BrB ou Jeff Velasco, por favor vejam se podem dar uma traduzida nisto: Avisem que os de Mendoza sao cuteleiros semi industrializados, o resto é artesanal mesmo mas é conveniente que antes de viajar entrem em contato com os escolhidos para ver que tem em existência ou fazer alguma encomenda.
    Obrigado pela recomendaçao. Grande abraço e felicidades para todos.
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    Marcial asked me to translate this:

    "tell them that the guys from Mendoza are semi-industrial makers, but the rest of them are real custom hand made knife guys. Before traveling it´s good to contact the makers to check what they might have available or maybe place an order." - free translation, keep that in mind.

    On the top of my mind I would recomend VdS (Marcial and his partner Javier) nad the Gugliotta´s. Excelent people with excelent knives. I am not familiar with the others.

    If your friend is into cowboy stuff (sadles and such) he will also find excelent stuff for a reasonable price in Argentina. Leather goods are really great there. And of course, he MUST bring you some wine from Mendoza.

    I have been to Buenos Aires in vacation last february with my wife. We had a great time! Tell him to spend some time there if he can.

    Jeff Velasco

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    Thank you very much, Jeff and Marcial.
    I really appreciate it!

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    Ariel Salaverria (ArielSalaverria is his bladeforums name) is from Argentina. He posts some great tutorials here. Here is his website.
    Kershaw Mafia - Johnny Fontane

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