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Thread: Carbon Fiber Knuckles about ready

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    Carbon Fiber Knuckles about ready

    Hey guys, these should be ready to ship by next Wednesday or so barring something unforeseen...

    If you have a color preference for the cord wrap, let me know and I'll let you know if I've got it..

    So, if you want to start sending in your payment(s), they can go to

    [email protected] (for Paypal), and be sure NOT to mention CF Knuckles, just title it CF or something... Paypal kinda frowns on weaponry... Also, please add the 3% for the fees.

    If you're overseas, let me know and I'll get you a shipping quote...

    Mailed payments can go to

    Mark Terrell Knives
    P.O. Box 1113
    Mason, TX 76856

    Thanks, and I'll make another thread regarding this to make sure folks see it. I'll also send out a p.m. (in a couple of days).

    If you want more than one set of these let me know as I'll have extras...

    Thanks all,


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    That sounds great these are almost ready. Do you have a tan color to wrap the knuckles with.

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    Hey Mark,Black wrap for me or something dark.
    No lime green or orange wraps for me,please.

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    10-4 that, no lime green in the arsenal anyway......


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    I'd prefer Olive Drab, but Black works too.

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    How Much are they Mark with Fees so people can pp you?

    I didnt see it in your post..


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    Oops, sorry....

    They are 100$ + 7$ shipping in the U.S. (overseas, contact me and I'll get a quote)...



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    payment sent....thanks

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    Gotcha covered op zero, thanks....


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    Scotland or ....
    Can you drop me an e-mail with a quote for the numbers we talked about
    and for shipping to Taiwan, Il get you squared up right away

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    PayPal has been sent.

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    PM sent about my CF addiction

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    PM's replied to and payment received by everyone who has said they sent it thus far...


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    Hey Mark, I sent a couple emails a while ago and I saw the sticky about your slow response times, but I saw in another topic someone mentioning problems with bladeforums email... To summarize, while I am still interested, I have alot of stuff piling up so I'm holding off at least for now. You don't need to hold one in reserve for me if there's interest.

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    I already removed you from the list...


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    Mark..., my payment will be in the mail by week's end. I would prefer a dark cord wrap, please; maybe black or OD green. Do you still have extras? I might like a set (two). Would shipping still be $7 for two? Thanks for your time.

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    Yep, I'll have a bunch of them as I'm making them for Blade and dealers etc....

    Shipping for them is 7$ for up to 5 of them or unless you live overseas...


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    can i just pick mine up from blade? if so make it two sets. Thanks

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    Yeah, that's fine.. I should have a bunch there, but I'll save you a couple....


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    Looking forward to checking these out. They will be my fancy dress-up knucks, as opposed to my work knucks or special occasion knucks.

    How tough is carbon fiber? Will I ding it up punching holes in watermelons?

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