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Thread: Need an H&R Topper JR manual, anyone know?

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    Need an H&R Topper JR manual, anyone know?

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    The gun is: H&R Topper JR. model 490 20 Gauge, I feel the obsessive urge to do a very thorough cleaning, but cant find a manual or guide online. be a great help if anyone knows any places to look (yes, i tried google..) For any that don't know, it is a youth-sized single shot break open shotgun, and operates rather nice for a great price. thanks!

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    You didn't look very hard. I found it in 30 seconds.

    I realize that the manual is for the Pardner, but it's the same action. It hasn't changed since it was first designed.

    I would NOT recommend that you disassemble the action. Get a can of Gun Scrubber and hose it out. Then spray some good lube like BreakFree and blast the excess out with an air hose.
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    Not sure about modern H&R's but mine differs from the parder in some minor ways. still, that guide will be helpfull. thanks.

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    Unless you've got some SERIOUS gunk going on in there, I'd also recommend against try to take those apart. I love'em, but they're just not designed for field stripping in any way. They're simple enough in design that I think UffDa's suggestion would work just fine.

    If you decide you just have to do it, this page is for a trigger job and he shows how to disassemble/reassemble in the process. It's for a Handi-Rifle, but the your action's got to be very nearly the same:

    Good luck

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    thanks for the info, i think i will take your advice and not take this thing completely apart.

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