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Thread: Very Special deals for BladeForums members only

  1. Very Special deals for BladeForums members only


    Here I will announce all special deals for BladeForum members.

    FYI: Our permanent discount for all BladeForums members - 10% still in place
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  2. Knife from our show room


    Sometimes we do rotation of our knives from dealers showrooms, testings, evaluations etc...

    Here is a good deal for our "Russian Bayonet"

    I put it on EBay for better exposure:
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    Hi, Im interested in this deal. I don't really like ebay though.
    hit me up in message here.

  4. HI!

    I don't have any in stock anymore.

    For sure it was a good deal, but it was a knife from our show room.

    I will keep you guys posted on special deals here...
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  5. Deal of the month...


    From now and untill Arpil 30th I would like to offer some very special deals for BladeForums members only.

    1. Stinger model. (check it out here) for sale for BladeForums members for only $65 plus s/h. 3 handles are available: Birch bark, birch nodule and leather. Please PM me if you are interested.
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  6. A few more deals before new shipment arrival!

    Picnic - available with walnut or birch bark handle. Special price: $72

    Stinger - available with birch bark, nodule or leather handle. Special price:$65

    Fox-2 - available with leather/aluminum handle, special price: $105

    Please send me PM is you are interested or buy on

    Thank you!

    Deal will be availabe until September 22nd

    Thank you!
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    OOOH... I need to watch these. I have two or three models in mind, but...

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    how to you get the BladeForum members 10% discount? I getting ready to order.
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  9. Just in the comment field put your bladeforums nickname. I will see it and authorize 10% discount
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  10. We just got new web-site up and running and have a special promotion - 25% off in Feb 2012!

    Please take a look:
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