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Thread: ESEE RAT Arrowheads, ideas...

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    So many people seem to be devoid of ideas for the ESEE Arrowhead...I figured I would Romero this thread.

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    I was thinking of making an atlatl, could be a good dart tip. Moose
    Quote Originally Posted by Guyon View Post
    Your irritation is duly noted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Rearic View Post
    So many people seem to be devoid of ideas for the ESEE Arrowhead...I figured I would Romero this thread.
    Heya Don.

    Well I got mine in the mail this last friday, my girlfriend got laughed when she saw my face.

    See over the last few months I've been making things to either chop , smash , impale various items in our backyard when we go for a smoke. For instance I installed my CS Bushman on a long stick and either throw it into the grass over and over or into a pallet we painted a target on.
    So I told her 'im ordering this arrowhead so I can lash it onto a stick and throw it at things' she rolled her eyes... boys will be boys.
    When I opened the little box I guess I had a deflated look on my face because for some reason I thought it was going to be about 4 times as big as it is.
    She laughed , I frowned.

    The more I look at it the more I realize how useful it will be in the future.

    It is a little hard to lash it onto something that is not relatively the same size , I tried putting it onto a length of dowel but it didnt turn out good.
    Also I think I've found a use for all the inner strands of para-cord I saved because those make excellent lashing material for these ESEE arrowheads.

    Anyways ,
    Excellent idea , good looking little piece of kit.

    Going to make a little sheath for it so it wont get dinged up in my BOB.


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    I just sent you an E-mail through the BFC system, check your spam filter and shoot me an E-mail back.


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    The AH-1 is a great item to keep in your bag. very versatile ESEE item

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    For me it is a little gimick, but, I think it is good to keep in a small kit just in case. Pretty much everything I keep in my kits are "just in case" type stuff. Not something I use everyday, but there in case of emergency.

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    Anyone know what the weight of these arrowheads are? I've made a few from metal and even knapped a few fro traditional archery. I'm just wondering if these are close enough in weight to be used for arrow heads.

    BTW traditional guys make neck knives out of arrowheads and I think this little head would be perfect for that.

    Version two should have a 3 to 1 mechanical advantage to be perfect for a traditional arrowhead.

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    Anyone on here with an AH1 and a scale?

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