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    Buck 311

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    I have a buck 311 Trapper that I would like to know the date of manufacture.
    The main blade has BUCK over MADE IN U.S.A and 311 on the back of the tang.Is this a older knife than ones marked BUCK U.S.A.
    Thanks for any help

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    If there are two small scale pins present in addition to the single back spring rivet, the knife was made in 1971. If there is only the single back spring rivet (no scale pins present), the knife was made from 1971-1974. In either case, the knife was made by Camillus under contract to Buck. Those are great old knives. Hope this helps.

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    Yours is the front knife and the older model of the two. The back one was the last model produced, which included a very few serrated spey models. These were knives favored by muskrat trappers but the narrow pivot area caused too many broken blades and the model was dropped while still a young pup. And Buck replaced it with in-house made Model 314 Trapper and model 312. With the in-house construction the blade metal quality improved also.

    Here's a close-up showing the weak point in the blade design. It wasn't a Buck design as Camillus made these for themselves before Buck.
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    Thanks for the info and the pics.I really appreciate it.

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