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Thread: anyone have a knife by Ray Johnson from silver dollar city?

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    anyone have a knife by Ray Johnson from silver dollar city?

    hey guys, i have been to silver dollar city a couple of times in the last few months and the bladesmith their seems to make some quality knives. checkin to see if anyone has any opinions on ray johnsons knives before i pull the trigger in a $400 plus knife. anyone have or have used one? are the worth the hefty price?

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    Pretty neat to watch him make those. Cool dude it seems. Looks like it could be a decent blade, but dont own one so...

    But i will tell you another maker who's knives do flat out rock in my book and he is cool as a cucumber is Eddie White of shadow knives.

    I drew a little bity edc last summer and sent it to him and he nailed it. Hell he even followed up several months later informing me that he just sold one with my design. I thought that was real cool!

    check it out:
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    ray johnson knives

    I have 4 of ray's knives, ranging from a 4 inch skinner, to a 19 in leg knife. both in standard and damascus. they are all of excellent quality and very dependable. they are worth every penny I spent on them. I would put them against any other bladesmith's knives.

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    I will second that opinion. I have two of his knives, a hunter and a bowie. I am proud to own them and have no regrets over the price (which is not at all high in the world of hand made knives).

    His style is different from that of other makers whose knives I own, the style of the 1800's with emphasis on utility rather than the fit and finish of more modern styles. That style has a unique appeal of its own. His knives are excellent working tools, and also unique from a collector's perspective. They are hand made and hand forged. So are Randall Make Knives, but Ray's style is distinctive, as is the steel used -- Mil-A-46-100B (per Ray) in the case of my knives.

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