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Thread: welcome, swissbianco basic infos

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    welcome, swissbianco basic infos

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    welcome to my new english forum.

    i hope this will be an friendly place to discuss my ideas, design and work and get feedback.

    so whats swissbianco?

    swissbianco, short +B is my company that i have found over 10 years ago in switzerland. now its in its moved to usa because the infamous swiss bureocratics banned many of my knives and tools that are common in usa and the rest of the world.

    on many of my knives you find my +B logo. this isent an "puzzle" or else, its an swiss cross "+" and an capital "B" put together to an +B = SwissBianco.

    goal is it to design unique, working, tactical products made in the well known swiss quality.

    swissbianco did collaborate with the following companys to produce my +B designs etc, Victorinox swiss army knives, Tops knives, Gatco-Timberline and some more coming.
    the goal with this was to deliver more affordable versions of my custom made +B designs for the general market but still in an quality!

    swissbianco, thats lisa kelley (office), damon eggert (product desing/manufacturing), micah geiger (technical drawings/artwork), alexei fox (newsletter/forums) and of course myself. more infos:

    we sell mainly tru the newsletter and i post the latest infos in my facebook
    we do also make for many of ouer products videos

    hope you enjoy it!

    bianco new swiss knives
    roger at swissbianco dot com
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    from left, john anthon - gatco/timberline, +B, peterfronteddu - germany, bob anthon - gatco/timberline

    3 buddies

    mike fuller, tops knives

    damon eggert, blade show some years ago

    damon's dog banjo in MY chair, candlepowerforum gathering clowdland 2009

    me working at shot show 2010

    me working at shot show 2009

    the rest is to shy for pics.


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    +B artwork and design by micah geiger:


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    as more people getting interested in swissbianco knives & tools we had to make an change in the way we manage ouer newsletter.

    that you get the +B newsletter in the future, please visit this new subcription management page:

    once you are listed there the +B newsletter will come to you automatically.
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