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Thread: Knife laws in the Philippines

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    Knife laws in the Philippines

    I'll be going back to the Philippines at the end of the year, and I would like to know if there are any restrictions on folders. Last time I was there I just carried a Victorinox BSA knife, but are there restrictions on locking folders and one hand opening knives?
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    Mabuhay! Depends where in the Phils you're going. You can't take knives on ferries and flights, but I managed to take an Emerson Combat Karambit and a Ka-Bar TDI on the ferry from Cebu City to Bohol. You can carry a knife into a mall if it's in your pocket--they only check your waist and bag. If you get stopped by the police, they might ask you for a bribe since it'll be considered a "deadly weapon". Certain cities in the Phils are more lenient than others.

    Being Pinoy-American, you might get away with less than I do (since I'm foreign). I've been there three times this year, and I'm going to Manila again in July.

  3. Certain legal issues are there while carrying knife . For any assistance regarding any legalities in Philippines contact http://

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    hey may i ask where you got your emerson combat karambit. i want to know where to get one and im from philippines

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