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Thread: Buck Vantage Paperstone initial review

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    Buck Vantage Paperstone initial review

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    Picked up the little knife this weekend. First impressions, it locks up quite solidly and inspires confidence, blade is sharp, used it a couple of times to slice through lemons, and apples, some beef jerky, cut some cardboard to test it and cut some strings it can be sharper, but it's pretty decent for this price from the factory. Not sure I like the paperstone scales on the handle that much, nothing wrong with them just I think I would prefer something else. Blade seems to center well in the handle when closed, the only problem I have is the pocket clip came a *little* loose, not big deal thought I just tightened it up again. The size of the folder and the deep clip makes this a perfect EDC knife for me.

    Sorry for the bad quality iphone photos

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    Oh, nice! Thanks. Paperstone did caught my eyes when I was looking Buck 55's. Definately not bad for the price point. I like Ergo's of my Buck Vantage Pro, so I might later aquire Paperstone. I've heard good things about Buck 420HC.

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    Forgot to add the flipper action to open the blade works quite well, blade comes out smoothly, almost feels like it's assisted opening, but it's not.

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    I have a few of the blue paperstone handled vantages, and while I like them, I perfer the three other handles better. All mine where perfect as to fit and finish.....

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