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Thread: Handmade Survival knife

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    Handmade Survival knife

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    I made this out of a leaf spring, all hand filed, its my first knife so im not sure what to ask for, make me an offer. its got a nice size lanyard hole and is convex, holds an edge really well, 550 cord wrap handle (2 holes under cord for handle)
    blade: 5.5 in
    full lenth: 10 in
    thick: .25 in
    width: 1.5 in
    BTW i have small hands
    looking for spyderco or any condition ESEE

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    I really like the look of it but i dont know what to offer or what your looking for. Mabye make a small list of things youd trade it for to give us and idea. Thanks


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    im not sure what to ask for, to me its worth alot but im not sure how i would know the real value. Took me 2 weeks of hard work, no sheath its looks great but you know its not factory perfect grind. make me an offer.
    id love a BRKT bravo 1 or something like that.

    something in that range

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    im not limited to ESEE or BRKT

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    Heat Treatment Process?

    Tell us about how you hardened and tempered it. Describe the process. A prospective buyer or trader would want to know.

    I would suggest you add a sharply focused picture of it laying flat on a clear background with maybe a ruler right underneath the knife. Some of your pictures are taken at angles which don't show the knife in the best light. A great picture will make the sale or trade easier for you.

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    getting a new camera tomarrow all i have is a crappy iphone camera. I will replace them and edit the whole post. thanks

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    looking for spyderco or any condition ESEE

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