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Thread: Replacement pocket clips for Benchmade's

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    Replacement pocket clips for Benchmade's

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    I recently snapped the titanium pocket clip off of my mini-grip from a very nice US online shop. The clip is good, and I will keep using them, but this one was my fault for breaking.

    Are there any other "production" deep carry clips from the online knifemaking shops? The "center to center" screw hole mounting dimensions seems to be missing in many of the descriptions.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There's a dedicated sub-forum here relating to customization & clips for knives (production or otherwise). The forum is run/moderated by maker Steve Rice (BF Membername: STR):

    You might find some inspiration there.

    Here's a link to the 'Low Rider Pocket Clip Picture Thread', located within the above-mentioned forum:
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    Was it the stock clip? If so you can get benchmade to send you a free clip.

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    The clip I broke was a low-rider clip that I got from US knifemakers. Very good clip, and I have it on other knives. I may end up buying a few more, but was wondering if there are any other "drop in" low rider clips from the other only shops. Many seem to have a low-rider option in the <$10 range, and I was just wondering will fit the hole placement that Benchmade uses.


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    the first link is the one that broke...

    And those will be used on other benchmades of mine.

    I was curious on the knifekit's clips. The mounting info is not 100% clear to me.

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