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Thread: Cheapest place to buy benchmade knives?

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    Cheapest place to buy benchmade knives?

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    Where is the cheapest trustworthy place to buy benchmade knives? so far Grand Prairie Knives seems to have the cheapest prices, is there anywhere cheaper?

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    i think looking on ebay may be your best bet.

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    eBay is a pretty solid bet. I'd also use Google shopping option. It give you a lot of different places lined up and you can sort them by price. Many of the results will also be reputable dealers who can help you in case your knife should have issues.

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    Knifeworks is great place as well. Use the Benchmade code and it will be cheeper. They post the code on the website

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    Great prices & service from Knifeworks. Make sure you enter that code from their site.
    I live in the 909.

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    Also try, if you add the item to your cart it will show the discounted price, bought from them several times and been to their physical store a couple times too, they have all their stock their so if its "in stock" it really is in stock.

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    I checked the sites out and knife works has it for a couple dollars less but does anyone have any other suggestions?

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    I am looking as well but Knifeworks had the lowest for a Mini Griptilian I am looking for.

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    In most cases eBay is the cheapest. I've bought 3 there, and sometimes nothing else comes close in price. The regular vendors are usually pretty good (individual sellers are hit or miss). You have to be patient and wait for the right deal though. Some models never come up too.

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