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    Yo, guys. Here's where you can put up any reviews or test you do on a Turley.
    Here's a few to get things going.

    Hopefully more to come.
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    Ranger Joe's great vids on his new Gasconade. Plus some great teaching on the bow and drill.

    Joe's thoughts on the varied convex grind

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    Howdy all. So you guys may have seen this knife posted in Iz's space here as the one shot bushcraft knife When I told him that I would just go ahead, since he names all things for water ways, and name this one Ohio, well.... it became the Mississippi.

    I will say this is an impressive bit of work and one of the finest tools I've ever used and it's worthy of your consideration. Darned fine bit of equipment.

    I did up a vid about the day and the stuff I did with it. Have a look. It's around 9 minutes and I could have made it 20 easy. There was just that much good stuff involved. Anyhow, have a look and thanks for watching.

    As always, questions, comments, thoughts, and winning lotto numbers
    are welcome.

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    Great job, Joel. Thanks for posting it up, brother!

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