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Thread: Vendor Links, Referrals & Endorsements

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    Vendor Links, Referrals & Endorsements

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    In order to avoid violations of's "Terms Of Service" (TOS) or our own sub-forum guidelines, please refrain from posting vendor links, referrals and/or endorsements within our threads as well as directing our members toward a particular commercial site.
    ("Deal & Bargain Spotting" is a violation of the TOS)

    Let's keep our threads focused on the discussion of traditional knives, not vendors and their web sites.

    The exception to the rule above is that you may refer other members to dealers who support via a "Dealer" membership.

    (The "Feedback" section remains the proper venue to report your recommendations and experiences, both good and bad, with vendors, dealers, makers etc.
    You may also share links and vendor recommendations with one another privately via email or PM.)

    As regards images, in the case of production knives the manufacturer's website is often a good resource for both pictures and descriptions of knives you wish to display and discuss. (The same holds true for many custom makers' websites.)
    Please crop out details identifying vendors in posted images to avoid potential issues with the TOS.

    (If your membership level does not afford you the ability to upload images directly to then you may wish to explore free or paid image hosting services. There are several options available.)

    Thanks for your cooperation.

    Further info regarding potential TOS issues can be found here.

    "Traditional Forum" guidelines can be read here.

    Rules for the "Exchange Forums" and regarding commerce conducted on this site can be read here.
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