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Thread: Buck 119 History.

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    Buck 119 History.

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    The letters are date stamps showing what year the knife was made. They appear on knives made after 1974.

    Google up "buck knife date code". There's also a list of them over on the Buck sub-forum.
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    Nice, just found out my 119 was made in 2k.

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    I remember finding the date codes for them a while back and it had a website explaining some of the history behind the 119, though unfortunately I didn't really absorb too much of it. From what I recall, they introduced the 119 in 1961 and it was pretty much an instant success with hunters and sports enthusiasts, and has been popular and economical ever since.

    I've also got a 2000 edition one. Weird to think that I've owned it for ten years now, since it barely shows its age.

    My friend really likes it as well, and he had an interesting idea of commissioning someone to do a saber with the handle and blade style of the 119.

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    Bobby Craig,

    There is a Buck sub forum on this website. Drop by there for more info on the 119.


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