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Thread: Original vs. new Leatherman Wave

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    Original vs. new Leatherman Wave

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    I have both the current production Wave with the phillips/regular removable bit screwdriver, and the original version with the long phillips ...

    I love how all the tools on the newer version lock. But damn I wish they'd have kept that longer phillips.

    I also really dig the leather case that came with the original models.

    Which do you guys prefer?

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    +1 for the Original Wave. I bought a couple of extras when I found out they were disco'd. The new version has locking implements; I just don't like the lock's position. Sometimes I wonder why Leatherman changed it; a sweet tool for average use.
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    I have sort of a retro, old school streak in me, so I dig the old Wave. Plus, they tend to be looser, and you don't have to fight with them as much as the new Waves.
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    I also prefer the old model . My longest running Multitool relationship !


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    I prefer having dedicated implements on a multi tool, I fint it kind of a pain in the butt having to carry a bunch of bits with me. That's one of the reasons I carry a Swiss Tool.

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    My new version Wave came with the molle pouch which I really liked while I was in the field. But now its more for hiking and edc for me and I ended up buying a regular belt sheath.

    Never played with the old version so I can't speak to that.

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    I broke the small flat blade screwdriver 3 years ago. I emailed customer support and they could guarantee they could replace it. And that I could get a new wave in its place. They only reason it hasn't been sent in.

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