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Thread: Shiny (mirror polish) blades vs. Matte finish

  1. Shiny (mirror polish) blades vs. Matte finish

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    At the Janesville show we are going to introduce some of our models with Matte finish blades option instead of Mirror polish.

    What do you think? I know some hunters don't like polished blades some do...

    Would like to hear your opinion.

    Thank you!
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    Your polished blades are beautiful, but once they start getting scratched all the polished finish does is highlight those scratches. I think if you're going to be using the knife on hard media, like wood, where the blade finish is likely to get scratched, a matte finish would be more desirable.

  3. Thank you! I will post some pictures of matte finish knives we have now.
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    +1 on the matte finish
    Ted Wilson

  5. We created a few knives with matte finish blades.

    Here are some available for purchase as a part of our pre-Christmas sale:

    Very popular ourdoorsman (camping) knife PICNIC

    Also popular small size Companion-III
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  6. 3 more with matte finish:

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  7. Here is all knives with matte finish blades:

    1. Fox-II:

    2. Companion-2

    3. Picnic
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  8. 4. Fry-II

    5. Stinger
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