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    dawson knives

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    Any one out there collect Dawson knives? I started collecting them when they were being made by Dane Dawson and his brother Barry. They lived in Montgomery Texas at the time. This was about 1975. They had to move to Colorado shortly there after. Barry started coming to the Houston Gun shows and I continued to buy from him. I now have 26 knives and still want more. Is this normal? Mabye I am a knive nut. If so it sure feels good.

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    very early dawson

    I collect Dawsons and thought you would like to see this very early dawson:

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    I have had many Dawsons over the years. Barry is one of the good guys and has been making knives a long time. Here is the last one I purchased from Barry at a gun show:

    His grind lines are perfect, excellent heat treat and a great guy to do business with.

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    I hard use dawsons hunting and IMO the knives are as good as it gets for highcarbon steel ,I have dozens of others to compare to and i believe his L6 and 52100 has no equal as well as his cutting edge desighns if you hunt for a living.

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    I have one of those, but mine has the laminated wood handle. The number is 24. I liked it so much that I had Barry make me one just like it but smaller. it is only seven inches long and a handy boot knife.

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