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Thread: My Dad and the King of Nepal

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    My Dad and the King of Nepal

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    Hi all, just a little trivia: my late father was once in the British Army, (REME), and had the privilege of opening the door of His Majesty's limo. I'll try and post a picture, hopefully it won't be too large, either in scale or megabytes.

    OOps, I'm not able to post pics.
    I'll try and figure out photobucket or something.

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    very cool indeed. the fact that somebody took the picture is even cooler

    a couple years ago we had the prime minister of St Lucia visit our farm. it was pretty cool to say the least. he was on a tour of the local farms that employed off shore workers from St Lucia and we happen to be one of the larger employers

    i'v got a pick kicking around at home, i'll have to post it up when i get back

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    Thumbs up I think it's cool too :)

    Dad served alongside the Nepali soldiers, and so was familiar with the Gurkhas/Gorkhas, and once mentioned that he'd asked to see one man's kukhri and paid the price (the drop of blood that "must" be drawn if the knife is drawn)
    Reading posts here, I think he'd get a good laugh out of the fact that it's no tradition, but more likely a way of minimising the number of people who pester the soldiers to draw their knives
    Anyway, he had nothing but good to speak about gurkhas, their class and courage... hence my fascination with their blades.
    I did buy a POS imitation years ago, but was so disappointed with the lack of quality that I figured they were not all I'd expected. Reading many posts in the HI forums has made me rethink. Looking forward to getting my first real one in the post soon.

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    well it took me long enough but....

    i'm the goofy looking on on the left in rubber boots

    my mom, dad, uncle the prime minister and his aids

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