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    Hi Everybody,

    Here are the colors I have in stock most of the time

    Olive Drab
    Coyote Brown

    Pink (extra cost)
    Chocolate Brown (extra cost)
    Red (extra cost)
    Blue (extra cost)

    Purple (extra cost)
    Orange (extra cost)

    Neon Yellow (extra cost)
    Neon Pink (extra cost)
    Neon Green (extra cost)
    Desert digital (extra cost)
    ACU (extra cost)
    Urban ACU (extra cost)
    Woodland ACU (extra cost)
    Light Carbon Fiber (extra cost)
    Regular dark carbon fiber (.125" stock)

    Holstex (extra cost)
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    Any hints on where I can purchase some purple and pink Kydex .060? Thanks

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    Will need at least 1 and possibly 2 for my Magnum Bear Cubs. Do you have a pic of some of the extra cost materials? Just want a quick look to make sure I get the right one for this knife! Thanks!

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