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Thread: Grayman Sub-Saharan

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    Grayman Sub-Saharan

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    Recently I was fortunate enough to purchase one of the limited edition Sub-Saharan 10XMHC-DB (DB for double bevel, the ones available now are "SB" single bevel IE chisel grind). I absolutely loved the design and had to have one; now that I have it I love it even more.

    First, let me say the fit and finish isn't perfection. BUT as far as working, actually doing the job and being tough as nails, its 200%.

    The handle is G10, with a nice finger groove and good texturing. Its not very coarse, having used it with and without gloves, but I never felt it was insecure. The "Death to Al Qaeda" is a Grayman signature and something I think sets these knives apart: they're all business.

    At .25inches thick of 1095, and 17inches overall it is absolutely massive and relatively heavy. The weight is one of those things that's a natural trade off, its tougher and more bombproof, but you have to hump the extra weight.

    I have a nice wood pile and picked out a relatively rectangular piece of tough wood to test.

    I used relatively little force, no huge swings. Basically it was a bit more than a wrist snap, a bit less than a full on chop.

    The Becker BK9, at half the thickness was expected to do well. But it appears the loss in weight and different design makes it more suited for batoning than straight chopping.

    My CS Vietnam Tomahawk didn't cut as deeply either.

    These stabs were performed with the BK9 and the Sub-Saharan. The top and bottom belong to the Grayman and the center to the Becker. As you can clearly see, the Sub-Saharan is going to leave a much wider wound channel in all directions.

    The sheath is MOLLE compatible and has a kydex liner, it holds it knife securely with very little movement which impressed me greatly as it holds it in either orientation. The handle strap is reversible, a nice touch.

    The lanyard hole for the nylon out lines up with the drain holes of the kydex liner, the 550 cord is what keeps them secured in all situations. A pretty simple system that does a good job and allows one to easily modify or make a new kydex sheath that's compatible with the nylon by merely drilling holes in the right spot.

    Bottom line, I really love this knife!
    Grayman will always have my endorsement and I always will turn to this one for the tough jobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammer27 View Post
    The "Death to Al Qaeda" is a Grayman signature and something I think sets these knives apart: they're all business.

    I have a nice wood pile and picked out a relatively rectangular piece of tough wood to test.

    If by "Al Qaeda", you mean wood, then yes, this is an awesome knife.

    Just giving you a hard time. Knife looks awesome, and I've always loved Grayman's aesthetic. Good review, great pictures; but you're doing no favors for my mental health as I crunch numbers to find a way to have one myself!


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    sure is awesome.
    probably the most sexiest model from grayman

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    Awesome blade shape. Looks like something for the next "Riddick" movie
    I recently received a Grayman, too.
    I consider mine more a hatchet than a knife and back it up with a folder.

    ps : what does yours weigh ?
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    Nice review. Thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for all the pics,

    I discovered Grayman about 5 years ago I think and I've wanted one ever since but have yet to finnaly pull the trigger.

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    Neat short-sword and looks like fun, but just a minor point---the Becker is more than half the thickness. If it were half the thickness, it would be 1/8".

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    Mike Grayman makes a Knife you can count on when the chips are down

    He is also an excellent man to deal with
    Siegle Knife Expert----
    If you have one you want to buy,sell or trade--contact me

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