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Thread: New Lion Steel SR1 IN ALUMINUM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsujigiri View Post
    Their engineering is famous, but I think it's overrated. Lionsteel has gotten some good reviews, but their competitors seem better for the price.

    I mean, for a famous example, Ferrari's are supposed to be triumphant examples of Italian engineering. But there are a lot of companies that can make cars that go 200mph, and most of the time better designed ones. One year, a Ferrari had the worst gas mileage of cars sold in America: 8mpg highway. And some of their motor oil costs $60 a quart. Sure they can go fast, but what takes real engineering ability is to make a car that goes that fast efficiently and without requiring a lot of expensive maintanence. The Corvette Z06 can go over 200 mph and it gets 20 mpg and costs about $70,000. I find that to be a much more impressive design. And if you look at the lower end Italian cars, you'll see that their offerings aren't impressive at any price. That's why only Italians are willing to buy fix-it-again-tony FIATs. Furthermore, Italians don't even make the world's fastest cars, and haven't for some time. Their products tend to be more about flair than function.

    I have to apologize but I really feel the need to answer this crap statement. SOOO let me begin.

    I have been fishing for nearly 1/4 century. The better part of it trying to nail fish larger then 100 lb most of the time. I own Shimano reels, Daiwa Reels, and Accurate / Avet reels. These companies represent the BEST of the BEST in Japanease / Korean and American reel companies. They are superb, efficient smooth and feel great. And every single one has failed me on at some point except for one (so far still considered new) shimano Stella reel while fishing for big Tuna. (please dont talk to me about Penn, they lost it a long time ago). My Alutecnos (Italian Made) reel is superb, it is as smooth as any Shimano reel (and you prob know how smooth their bearings are), it puts down more drag then my Shimano Torsa, weighs less then my Daiwa Sealine and has better gears then my Accurates. It has not failed on a single big fish be it big yellowfin tuna, large marlin or grouper, its my go to rig always. Less maintanence then my other reels, feels like new after three years of hard fishing.

    I have 2 SR1 folders, they cost less then some of my CRK and feel tougher (not better, read carefully). They definitly are competative with Strider and hinderer and the Rotoblock is quite ingenious in my opinion.

    Lets add to the mix all the die hard Bennelli and Beretta gun owners, I think they would disagree with you also... so before you knock down a race for being over hyped, and yes you knocked down the whole race in your text, do some research beyond one car. A 12 cylinder Mercedez does not get 20 MPG, Corvettes had a horrible repair rate for a long time, and $70K lexus cars do not go 200 MPH. Each has its own issue.

    And I love italian food

    Disclaimer, I am a Israeli, so I was not paid by the Italian governement for this add, but if they want to pay me, as a good Jew I will be willing to accept payment for my vote of confidence in their engineering

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    I am Italian and I am an engineer - I was asked to come to work in the States by my American owned company; so I guess Italian engineering cannot be that bad...
    Did I read somewhere "Italians do it better"? ;-)

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    Hi Gianni,

    what is the delivery time for the SR-1 Alu, black handle und satin blade?


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    In this moment we are in a big delay with SR-1... not less then three weeks.

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