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Thread: Vietnam Era Tomahawk, Nam Hawk

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    Vietnam Era Tomahawk, Nam Hawk

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    Very Rare Vietnam Era Hawk

    see pics, shows age, doesn't show use

    handle has some inperfections in paint and seems that previous owner/s tried to smooth out with black paint

    was able to get 2 of these (someone was disposing a large military collection) I will only be letting one go right now

    Really only interested in trade list below...
    of course +/- $$ if needed

    new or used


    Emerson CQC Tomahawk
    Two Hawks tomahawk either warbeast or warhawk
    any of the RMJ Tactical Hawks

    Blades (any from that manufacturer if no specific is listed)

    crusader forge
    sniper bladeworks
    kingdom armory
    american kami
    spyderco temperence 2
    spyderco orange military
    spyderco sage 2
    strider fixed blades only
    ZT 0301 or 0302
    ZT-0551 Hinderer
    Large fixed karambit, custom/busse quality
    Scrap yard, yard hook
    Swamp Rat Mini Uncle Mojo
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