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Thread: duplex bushcrafter....

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    Man that looks good. Looks like the best of both worlds too with the dual grinds.
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    Mark that looks really sweet. I'm really liking the dual grind. When you start taking orders again I'd like to get one made up with orange G10 scales.


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    Nice ! I like the idea but think it would be better on something like the Booshway type blade...Just my .02

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    Quote Originally Posted by coaldigger View Post
    Nice ! I like the idea but think it would be better on something like the Booshway type blade...Just my .02
    Mark did it on his version of the WSK which I was fortunate enough to try out. I loved the knife and it really did perform great but the stock just seemed too thick for the size of the blade. I already have my TOPS Tracker which I think is too thick, I think a version of Marks with a 6" blade outta 3/16" stock would be perfect.

    Check out that for a sweet grind !!!!

    By pitdog2010 at 2011-02-08

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veesix View Post
    Holding it in my hand right nowI really love this knife.Its well made fast in the hand and the outside the box design is awesome along with the scaryx2 edge also a awesome job on the sheath makes it a kickass rig.Im not a bushcraft mang(More Tactical) so I was real lucky to come across this one forsale from a member all n all im very stoked with this knife and I know it will serve me well as my edc/sd/kitchen/etc.Keep up the good work Im tuned in to your forum now
    Hey I'm so glad that this tacticool knife has found a good home! It was not the right one for me but it is a very fine knife and I'm glad it has found the right owner. Mark I really like your work, I have a couple of your other knives which I use a lot.

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