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Thread: MP9 Enforcer. Does anyone knows this??

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    Exclamation MP9 Enforcer. Does anyone knows this??

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    Hey There!! I've been walking in a survival/dumpstore and there i've seen a load of nice looking knives. Among them a tanto,katana,machete and a combat knife.I didn't know the brand and the owner of the store had no experience with the knives. So,i thought maybe you guys know something! I was thinking about buying some of those knives but i wanted to know if it's any good??

    The brand is MP9 Enforcer..they mostly use AISI 420..that's the only info i could find on the net..nothin more!!

    Can somebody out there give me some advise on this??

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    then the knives are using 420 steel, not the best in the world, has good rust resistance but doesnt hold an edge longer then 5min.

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    Yeah..420 is known for its rust resistance..but I was targetting on durability and stuff like that... don't know the brand so that's the reason...

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    It's crap. Save up 20 bucks and get a Byrd.

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