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Thread: My vintage Puma collection

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    Hi Kwackster,
    I can only repeat what others have said... absolutely lovely knives, and whats very obvious is you have the tidiest examples of each of those lovely knives that you can probably be lucky enough to get your hands on!
    The 563 and the 959 are just great, and the defender sure looks like a handful of knife!
    Gary Watson 16 Nov 1956 - 21 Dec 2009. Missed Incredibly.

    psssssst, want a beautiful Barlow? I know just the guy who can help ya out
    Wanted: Charlies SFO'S I would like to collect these, please contact me - thanks very much. Do you have any HJ's? Duncan.

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    Whoooaaa Kwack... Man oh man,, some of those bring back some sweeet flashbacks from many a-moons-gone-by from my very young days as a wee lad in the Blue Ridges of VA. & NC!.

    I must confess I'm with Duncan and the chorus of the other fine gentlemen that has commended you on such a wonderful bevy of beauties of your Puma persuasion!..

    Very indeed.. Much obliged for the treat! Really, I keep going back and fourth to see these over & over.. Thank You for sharing your Puma heard with us in here. I really enjoyed viewing them!


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    The old German cutlers had a finicky attention to detail that seems to be lacking these days in production knives.Not to mention the beautiful stag that is exhibition grade in a lot of those examples.Nice collection Robert.

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    Vintage Puma 941 hunting folder, made in 1976 and never used, carried or sharpened.
    Complete with original plastic green box & leather belt sheath.
    Very hard to find in this condition.


    Blade Length: 8,2 cm
    Length open: 19,2 cm
    Length closed: 11,1 cm
    Maximum blade thickness: 3,9 mm (ricasso)
    Thickness behind the edge: +/- 0.3 mm
    Steel: unknown stainless
    Handle Material: Sambar Stag on brass liners
    Lock type: backlock
    Weight: 119,0 gram
    Made in Solingen, Germany
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    I just did a search for Puma and your post came up, with others.
    Your collection of Pumas is simply fantastic. So many are in beautiful new old stock condition. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I have a modest collection of Puma folders, but your collection blows it away.

    Double Ott aka; Tom; TC

    Vintage PUMAs from the 1970's & 1980's.. Let me know what you have, Thanks

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