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Thread: RRF pics

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    RRF pics

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    Seems like the right place for these. Great knife...can't say enough about it.

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    Yep , love mine. Check out the thread 3 down from yours. Titled wilson combat knives , last post I posted pics of mine.

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    You're missing the Wilson 1911?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock26 View Post
    You're missing the Wilson 1911?
    I have had a few custom 1911's over the years (never a WC, unfortunately). But when all is said and done, my Glock 23's and 32 always seem to fit the bill for me. They, imo, are the perfect size/weight/firepower ratio for packing. Mine are more accurate then I am and the rest of my family are familiar with them as well. If Glock was never invented I would probably be packing a commander-length 1911...but, as I'm sure you understand by your avatar name, the Glock does everything I need without breaking the bank. Which is good because I spend too much money on freak'n knives. Stay safe...

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