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Thread: available stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by koyote View Post
    Bog oak leuku-

    10 3/8 OAL, 1/8 1084 steel with a fairly high scandivex grind. Blade is right at 5.5. This is one of my bog oak handles. This is ~20k year old, really semi-pretrified. Eats sanding materials like you wouldn't believe (it's like trying to sand and shape a coarse AO sharpening block!) Handle has had multiple coats (I lost count) of tru-oil, though the wood itself will last forever without it.

    Pins are a carbon steel so the bluing can all match.

    Sheath is by Sierra, explorer model.

    $200, shipped, regular discounts always apply

    The pictures do not do this knife justice. It is incredible. Thanks Christof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koyote View Post
    a smaller skinner/utility-

    this one is also 7/64 15N20, with a nice high scandivex. Overall about 8 1/4 inches with a 4 inch blade. Walnut scales and brass tubing pins.

    Sierra did a nice job slimming the sheath down on this one. Still strong, but not bulky.

    $170, shipped.

    Alright, so who bought this beauty?! I need to hear about it!

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    ahhh, that one went off forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koyote View Post
    ahhh, that one went off forum.
    Man....that ain't right...

    I need a thin Koyote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koyote View Post
    Now, with this one- provisionally called tyhe HellCleaver because I have no idea what else to call it- I'm debating the sheath. I'd love Jason to do kydex on this puppy, but I'd also love Sierra to do an explorer sheath...... decisions, decisions....

    Currently this one is not an order and is slated to be available after a bit more steel wool, bluing touch up, oiling, and the sheath. Depending on sheath decisions, likely in the $220 neighborhood.

    Overall, length is 13 1/2 inches with a blade about 8 3/4 inches long. 8670M steel (think thick 15N20, sorta) 3/16 thick through the tang. Some little taper going on. Full convex ground, with a forge finish hand rubbed down and then bluing on all the steel.

    Handle is caramel micarta, with blued steel pins.

    Weight is about 22 1/2 ounces. Beefy beefy.

    do you offer this one regularly?

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    I got that one. It is a hell of a chopper. I have not seen another one exactly like it in terms of specs.

    Christof has been working on the matching firesteel for about a year now but I expect it anyday now

    Sheath looks naked, friend. I could die in the woods with no fire and it would be all your fault

    Anyway, a great blade. I am sure he could make you one.

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    I've been looking for a chopper and really like that

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    That's a nice looking knife!
    Quote Originally Posted by koyote View Post
    I'm putting this thread together to keep track of available items that may or may not be on the website, and that I haven't put in the knifemaker's area.

    So there.

    Okay, let's start....small.

    Two finger skinner.

    I did this for fun, out of a few leftover shop scraps. I have a 4.5 inch cutt off a bar, and some leftover brick red shadetree phenolic burlap. SO I made this, much fatter than my normal necker styles, but comfotable.

    OAL: 4 5/8

    Blade, 1 7/8, 15N20 steel, full quench and temper. flat ground (yes, I do it once in a while) - gunkote blade coating.

    Scales are red burlap "mycarta" from shadetree, with brass pins. I used brass because it can be blacked if desired.

    Sheath is an angled carry single belt loop model. It's very difficult to get a really tight fit in this type of handle with the dropped edge. I can do a beeswax dip to stiffen the leather out, but it's fine as is for "regular" carry. In the bush, hiking, or doing jobsite work, I'd suggest ordering a flap sheath.

    Price on this is $75, with $5 for shipping.

    serial number 411

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