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Thread: Where to buy knives in Oregon?

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    Where to buy knives in Oregon?

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    I'm planning a trip to the Bend area this spring break, and since both my friend whose coming with me and I love knives, we'd like to take the opportunity to see some, as where we live is too small to have a good knife store. So where in Bend, OR, is a good knife store?

    I've Googled it, but have had no luck, so I thought I'd turn to my ever-friendly companions on BF.

    Where in the Bend, OR, (or anywhere near there) can we go see knives?

    Thanks, guys.

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    Well, if you're willling to take a little drive up to Portland, the Leatherman HQ is there. They don't have much for sale on site but I got an absolutely fantastic folder there.

    If I remember right though, Bend is quite a distance from Portland.

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    Oregon is an amazing place and you're in for a great time. Amazing scenic beauty, more micro-breweries than you can count and basically heaven on earth in terms of knife selection and legality of aquisition. I can't speak for Bend specifically but my advice since you're travelling with a fellow knife knut is to check out the knife manufacturers ( Benchmade, Kershaw, etc). If my memory serves me well there was an indy knife shope in Portland that had great selection.

    Hope you have a great time, Oregon was amazing.

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    As stated above benchmade, kershaw, leatherman, and gerber are up here. Also im sure you can find a shop called excalibur which is all over the place up here. Hope you have a great time!

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    I will warn you that excalibur is outrageously expensive. a recon 1 was 100, iirc. the prices scared me.

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    Yeah, I've been to Portland multiple times to look for knives. Haha. The indy shop someone was talking about is called Hawthorne Cutlery, I think. It had a decent selection, too.

    And yes, Oregon is amazing. One of the last great refuges for the knife lover.

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    I'm going to Oregon at the end of the summer to visit a couple of guys I served with.......I'll definitely be checking out some of the shops mentioned in this thread.

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    If you are in the Eugene area there is Edge N Knife. They have a lot of Benchmades including a bunch of gold class, a bit of Kershaw, some EESE, some Lone wolf, some Spyderco, and assorted other brands like Cold Steel.

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