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Thread: Sheath Makers and Such of Blade Forums

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    Sheath Makers and Such of Blade Forums

    Hello everyone! Its time to put up a revised list of Sheath Makers and Such (Such will be defined soon) The new rules for crafty people require a "Knife Maker, Craftsman, Service Provider" membership in order to sell and advertise your wares here. Sparks rule, not mine, just to clarify.

    So, in order to list yourself here at this time you need to upgrade your membership level to Craftsman. The Upgrade is very cheap advertising, and also gives you permission to sell in the exchange as well.

    I apologize for the stir up, but things change and evolve, and we think this is an evolution in the right direction.

    Here's the breakdown:

    Real name:
    Business name: (if applicable)
    Specialty: ie leather, kydex, etc
    Contact info: ie E-mail, website, phone, address

    A couple of pics of your work wouldn't hurt.

    Whats not allowed, non craftsman memberships, suggesting someone besides yourself, negative commentary. These posts will be dealt with by the Super in his own way.

    Please keep all commentary out of the list so it doesn't get clogged up and will be easy to manage and search through.

    I'll come in and add things as we go through the process here, but so far so good!

    Thanks Everyone!!!

    SUPEREDIT: If You let your membership lapse (for too long), you will be removed from this list. If you want to remain on this list it is suggested that you keep your membership updated and current.
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    Dwayne Puckett

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    To start it off:

    Dwayne Puckett
    Specializing in custom and semi production leather sheaths. Both hand and machine sewn.
    Dwayne Puckett

    Quote for the week: Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go. Oscar Wilde.

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    Edit: Not taking orders right now, so blanking this 'till I am.
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    Not currently taking orders Kiahdex Sheath Systems Forum Hail Eris!
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    Paul Long Custom Leather

    Specializing in custom leather knife sheaths. Pouch, Sash, Blade Only, Folder Pouch Etc. Elaborate or Plain.

    No web site, but I will be glad to email photos of the various types and styles.

    Instructional DVDs.

    Contact information below in sig line.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Instructional DVDs now available at ***New Fourth DVD "Folder Sheaths" is now available at the same web site***

    Paul Long------108 Briarwood Ln. W------Kerrville, TX---78028-9311----830 367 5536

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    Hi my name is Al Welke.

    azwelke kydex current pics here

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    Wow sorry I am late to the party.

    David Brown
    Buy Brown Ind.

    Kydex Sheaths and holsters
    e-mail & pay-pal acct.

    Here are some pics.

    Original Buy Brown I.P. exposed spine sheath;

    Original Buy Brown I.P. flame/overlay sheath;

    Original Buy Brown I.P. bottom eject hatchet sheaths;

    Original Buy Brown I.P. stippled sheaths;

    Segmented sheath w/special permission from Rob Criswell

    Holsters too

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    Buy Brown Kydex
    WTB; Busse HACK Bear Cubs ! Especially the Ram's Horn one !!!!

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    Eric Lind
    Mashed Cat Outfitters Inc.
    Kydex Sheaths

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    Born and raised in California
    J D
    The 710 Custom Sheaths


    Facebook page

    cell/text (408) 593-5859

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    James Aguilar
    J&G Designs
    Kydex, leather, hybrid sheaths & holsters

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    New Guy

    Al Dodge

    Kosciusko, Mississippi
    Email -
    Web Site -
    Cell Phone - 620 - 680 - 0177

    New guy here. I've seen a lot of the forums here in the past 7 years. I do all of Todd Davison's knife photos. Made a few knife sheaths for those a few years back and now I'm going try and make a few to sell.
    Specialty - Custom leather Pocket Knife Sheaths & Cases. Each sheath is made from scratch. I line most of them with deer skin or some other nice material. And I hand lace the edges. I'm no Paul Long but I hope to get better with my tooling.Wish me luck ..... Thanks!


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    Al Dodge

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    Custom fully lined and tooled leather pouch and stacked style sheaths for fixed blade or folders.

    Send me a note for a quote! (man, that sounds like one of those cheesy info-mercial lines)

    Thanks for looking!

    CRK Green Beret with firesteel, removable dangler, removable retention strap, leg tiedown

    ESEE 3 with firesteel, removable dangler, leg tiedown

    BK2 with firesteel, removable dangler, leg tiedown

    Pouch sheath with Ostrich Leg inlay

    Horizontal Carry Pouch

    Busse Combat sheaths

    Butterfly sheaths with tiedown, dangler

    Fitted sheaths

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    Hey All,
    Been on the forums a few years and now making custom leather sheaths. I make them part time. I like to make functional sheaths that will give you years of service at a reasonable price.

    Real Name: Frank Pugliese
    Business Name: Pugs223 Leatherworks
    Specialty: Leather
    No Web site yet.

    Many more, give me a shout if ya need something.
    USMC 85-91 Semper Fidelis
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    Beckerhead #230

    Pugs223 Leatherworks
    Custom Leather

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    Hi there I am Levi Graham and offering services to make rawhide Frontier style sheaths. I can do do simple and plain or heavily decorated sheaths. Email me for any ideas or questions for what you are looking for. You can look at my work at Thank you.

    Levi Graham Knives Frontier/Cowboy/Tactical Knives & Hawks

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    Name same as my forum name, Gary W. Graley, probably better known as G2 on most forums as well.

    Leather work

    Folder sheaths only

    All are formed tightly to the knife for a good friction fitup, so, these would not be sheaths for your Safe Queen knives, they are for using knives.
    Also not all knives work well in my style of sheaths so I'd need to see the knife in the closed position to see the contours.

    my photobucket web page

    Here are a few examples;

    Email works best to contact me if you have any folder sheath needs,

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    A good many of you know me already.I am John Cohea and frontier style rawhide sheaths is my specialty.

    John M Cohea
    John M Cohea Frontier Style Knives,Hawks,and Leather



    The DVD "Basic Rawhide Sheath Construction" now available!

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    Anthony Alms

    OMEGA Leather Works (or PM)

    I make-

    Leather fixed blade sheaths- pouch, dangler, ferro rod loops and other options.

    Ferro Rod fire steels- these can have a leather (stacked washer) handle, wood, micarta or g10.

    Black Magic strops- these are inexpensive, but very effective strops loaded with your choice of abrasive, or bare. They feature a backside slot that can hold abrasive paper to add further versatility to your portable maintenance solution.
    Leather folding knife sheaths- These are molded to your knife for an excellent fit.

    My prices start at $25 for a simple pocket slip up to $80+ for an exotic sheath (shark skin, snake skin, or most anything you can dream up, even chicken!)

    Please contact me for in stock materials and lead times. I generally have several colors of dye and a few thread color options.

    Note- I love to talk design so please don't feel that you are committing to anything by contacting me. I know that custom work is expensive, it's my goal to get an OMEGA Leather sheath or accessory into everyone's hands!


    Omega Leather Tuff Cuffs.

    Cuffs are 100% custom. You can have one in any size or color. Standard leather with or without lettering or with exotic skin over the leather. Your choice of fastener (snap or stud).

    Starting at $20 plus shipping.
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    <a href="<a href= target=_blank></a>" title="Omega Leather"><img src="<a href= target=_blank></a>" title="Hosted by" alt="Omega Leather"/></a>

    Anthony Alms-Proud Purveyor OMEGA Leather Works

    Tap here to visit my Website

    Like my Facebook page

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    Dave Ferry
    Horsewright Clothing and Tack

    Known as Horsewright on BF but call me Dave

    Website at Email is:
    Phone: (661) 822-4941

    Twenty five years experience as a professional leather craftsman, I am also a knife maker. Together my wife and I, make leather sheaths, holsters, leggings, rifle scabbards, purses, martingales, spur straps and much more. Check the website for a full selection of our products, all handcrafted by us. Our sheath designs are time tested, cowboy tough and durable. You don't have to be a rancher, they are perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and work too. They are compact, secure and comfortable. Everything is hand made, hand tooled and constructed from the finest materials. Herman Oak is used for sheaths, holsters, scabbards etc and various chap leathers are used for the purses and leggings. If you're needing a sheath for your knife, or heck, a knife and sheath give us a call. Spending too much time on BF? Check out the purses my wife makes. Get one for your lady and you won't be in trouble any more. Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy the pics.

    Basket stamped Pancake Sheath and fully tooled wrist cuffs. Flower carved Pancake Sheath and Charmitas leggings.

    Two Gordo Sheaths both basket stamped. Basket stamped Chinks on the left with initials and Charmitas on the right.

    This guy was definitely in need of a new sheath for his knife. For larger knives, the Pancake sheath works very well worn in the small of the back, (SOB). Need a belt? We can help you with that too.

    The Horizontal Sheath made in either a right or left hand version to be worn cross draw. Compact, secure and you'll forget you're wearing it.

    The Slotted Sheath. Extremely versatile, it can be worn 360 degrees on the belt.

    For larger knives the Slotted Sheath works very well behind the hip with a butt forward draw.

    1911 Holster in basket stamp, (can be made with or with out safety strap) and our Rangeflap Holster in partial basket stamp.

    One advantage of our Rangeflap holster is that while made for a specific gun it will fit several you might have. The Rangeflap holster is completely leather lined. Detail of the tooling on a 1911 holster.

    Scoped Rifle Scabbard, (fully leather lined) and Carbine Scabbard. Rugged protection for you rifle whether horseback, atv, jeep or truck.

    Some examples of my wife's purses.

    Two of the smaller cross body purses.

    Raindrop damascus Chef's knife with Mammoth Ivory handle and slip sheath.

    Thanks again for looking and call if we can be of help.
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    Dave Ferry
    Horsewright Clothing & Tack

    Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook

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    Tie Tactical
    Kydex sheath maker.

    We do survival sheaths, combat sheaths, folder sheaths, holsters and much more. We are also known for you level 2 retention lock. Example of lock in video below.
    Below I have also posted some pictures of our work. You can check out our website at

    If you have any questions please feel free to email me at[/U]

    Best Kydex Sheath.jpg
    Zt 0100 Kydex Sheath .jpg
    Zt301 Kydex Sheath.jpg
    Entrek Dive Knife with Tie Tactical Kydex Sheath.jpg
    Kydex Lock Sheath.jpg
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    BH #51
    Blog Entries
    Real name: Nick Payton
    Business name: Nix Leather
    Specialty: Kustom leather and kydex and hybrid sheaths and holsters.
    Contact info:

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