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    This is gonna go over like a lead balloon with some of you but don't worry there's more woodsman ads coming down the line. I actually make quite a few knives for our service members who use them while serving our country so that's why I'm doing some ads like this.
    This is the next ad in the series of Kill Captain ads I want to do. I skipped up to the modern version because I had a good model.

    I've got the shirts up

    And the prints up

    For anyone interested. Zazzle is giving 10.4% off all orders until Monday. Fyi.
    p.s. I suck at drawing guns. They're almost as hard as hands.

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    I am digging that.

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    I missed this one somehow! Nice work Iz....Youve got talent.

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    I like it, very cool !

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    Thanks guys! I appreciate it.

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