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Thread: - Artisan Chef Knives -

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    List has been updated.

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    Updated 7/24

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    Bookmarked this thread to look at all the cool kitchen knives. Now some reviews or stats would be cool.

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    Thread has been updated. Jan. 7

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    GREAT thread. Thanks for introducing me to a lot of new makers. Now I need a whole new set of knives! I think Ill start with a new Takeda....

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    Added new knives on first page from Tojiro and HHH.

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    Added new knife from Gengetsu.

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    June 5

    Added Nubatama 'Black Steel' Gyuto

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    Added July 29

    Brand: JCK Original
    Series: Fu Rin Ka Zan W1
    Origin: Japan

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    The Rader and the Burke look fantastic.

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    Added Dave Loukides Gyuto

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    Added Sakai Masayuki - Aug. 21

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    Dang! Some serious kitchen knife prOn here. Really love the Big Rock Forge and the Christoph Deringer. Would soooo be into getting my hands on those and going through about 50lbs of veggies. If they feel and perform like they look I may never stop.

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    Added Hokiyama and Shaun Fernandez knives.

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    Added Singatirin Gyuto

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    Jan. 8 -Added a dozen more knives to the first page.

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    Added another 6 knives.

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    Still need Joe Mandt and Mario Ingoglia

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    Here is a Mario. Was mine for about a week. Then it went as a gift to my Son Inlaw.

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    Thanks for including ours! Some great looking blades out there. best,


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