I have a 6 inch metal cutting lathe (will also cut threads). Has auto feed, change gears, boring bar holder (not pictured) with a 3 jaw chuck. Other holders pictured. The red motor goes with it. It is a craftsman motor 1/3 HP for this lathe. Some other tooling included and some brass round stock included. I have a 10 inch Southbend and just dont need it. Will spend some time and give a little lesson on how to run it. Built in indexing system. precesion Lathe. Will include some cutters for it. The Bull gear is a little buggered but this is just a locking gear for the headstock. It has 2 gears for that and the other is fine. I have the manual for it. Can also call me 318-865-8166 Can be picked up at my house. 300.00