Now that is a wait. I am anxious waitng for 3 days for USPS to bring me my little small flat rate I have never had the privilege of ordering a damascus and having to wait. I should have done it when the regulars were still being offered in damascus. I am not a fan of the 21, so that was out for me pretty much. Hopefully CRK will offer the 25 or the insingo in damascus eventually, then I will be on the horn getting one........Like so many things, I am late to the party. Had I known they would have quit making the regulars, I would have gotten more. Had I known the annuals were going to stop being made ( I was on the list for a 2012 annual until that heart breaking ), I would have gotten one.

I have had a mnandi damascus and a small 21 damascus and find the steel to be super tough, holds a great edge, and all in the name of beauty and elegance...!

Congratulations on a Beautiful Sebenza.