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Thread: Sharp brand knives?

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    Sharp brand knives?

    Years ago my step moms uncle gave me this knife. I couldn't find much info on the brand or the knife specifically. All i know its really old, has seen A LOT of action, and has held up great. it may look a little grimy but that's my fault (sliced through frozen bait mackerel like nothin) it cleans up great.

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    K-Mart house brand back in the '80s. I believe the blades were 440C, the knives were generally well-made if more than a little heavy. Some of them were wonderfully ugly, but servicable.

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    OMG. I can't believe there's actually another Sharp fan on this board. I used to work at Kmart and bought a very well made (and heavy) model for about $10. It's actually in a sheath next to the bed. I'll clean it up and post pics.

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    I have a sharp Barlow. The blade doesnt close tight . It always cut good.

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    I had a guy give me an extraordinarily ugly Sharp brand knife to sharpen for him. I believe this one was made in Japan, and had a really nice thin factory edge. It got amazingly sharp.

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