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Thread: Now Accepting Paypal

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    Now Accepting Paypal

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    As of today, I am accepting Paypal for orders. Email me for info.
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    Seriously?Woohoo,no more lost MOs.
    Thanks John.
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    Cooilo, I did just get a bunch of checks I ordered to get around the money order business though, still they;'ll come in handy and paypal is quicker anyway. :P

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    I think this is wonderful too John! Way to go! I think this will be easier for you in the long run, and it will probably bring you some business you might not have gotten before! I'm happy with that, it will make it easier, faster, and no more having to worry if the check got to you, or if the U.S.P.S lost it or tore it up on the way! All you'll have to do now, is drop a quick e-mail to whoever you are dealing with to confirm you got it, and PayPal acknowledged it! There have been a couple of times it took PayPal awhile to get the payment and acknowledgemet to the person that I was paying for something but, it all worked out in the end! I just know this is going to work better for you, even having to pay for the service!

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    This is definitely a plus!
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