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Thread: Model 32 Haw Creek chisel knife

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    Thumbs up Model 32 Haw Creek chisel knife

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    Yo, guys.
    This is the new chisel knife I have been testing for the past month or so.
    Hope you dig it.
    I run my yapper for about the first half, if you don't want to hear all that you can get straight to the action if you fast forward to about the middle.

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    Quite an interesting concept Iz and clearly has advantages over using the long edge for notching work. I must admit I didn't take to the idea of boring using the outside corner of the blade it was freaking me out waiting for the hand slip with the long edge up!!

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    What can I say.... I love it!! I will get one, if you decide to make more of them. BTW did the pummelplate survive the beating?

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    Thanks, guys. I appreciate the feedback.
    These are available for order now if you'd like one. Wait time is running around three years from the date of order.
    You can fill out a quote request here if you'd like:
    Yeah, the pommel plate stood up to the beating which sorta surprised me. I figured g10 might but I wasn't sure about the micarta. So far it's still going strong.
    Thanks again, guys.

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