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Thread: Warranty Issues?

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    Warranty Issues?

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    We will address the issues in production as they come and will deal with warranty issues on a case by case basis. As has always been.

    If anyone has an issue with the product or service. It is highly recommended that you contact Auntie Yangdu By Emailing or calling her to address your particular issues BEFORE posting here on the forum. Please give her the chance to make you satisfied BEFORE coming here and addressing issues here on the forum.

    Email Address:

    Phone: (775)825-2279 (Please only call if necessary and during the hours of 10 am-6pm Reno, Nevada time.)

    You may also contact me at and i will forward your concerns to Auntie Yangdu

    What happened when Uncle Bill was with us is in the past. The old warranty is in the past. Very much Sadly so.
    We try to maintain as much as we can of Uncle Bill and how things were, but times changes...we must adapt and do the best we can.

    We remain committed to producing as fine a product as we can and satisfying our customers, as always.
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