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Thread: Titanium magnifying glass for titanium Yeoman

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    Titanium magnifying glass for titanium Yeoman

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    This is a magnifying glass I made for a Yeoman SAK that will have all of it's plastic and aluminum parts remade in titanium. Edmund Optics 10x mineral glass lens and titanium bezel.

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    That would make an awesome keychain with some kinda sheath/case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harkamus View Post
    That would make an awesome keychain with some kinda sheath/case.
    +1 Super idea!

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    Finally got this one finished. The tweezers and toothpick are also titanium. The plastic screwdriver that goes in the corkscrew was replaces with the double ended micro driver from a Leatherman in a piece of titanium carved to fit into the corkscrew.

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    That's very cool. The only tool that I might question for titanium is the tweezers, as I have used them, hard at times, and titanium may be a bit soft.

    Was this a personal project, or something that was sold?

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    I like that! I have some plans for a "custom" SAK myself.

    You made the liners also out of titanium I presume?

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    Yes, the liners and tweezers are 6Al4V ti so there's no issue with them being too soft. I think they work so much better than the Vic tweezers just by being stiffer and having the precise ground tip.

    This was made on consignment for a little more than a new Glock but I have a laser shop about to cut parts for me so I hope to bring that cost way down.
    Here's some much better pics that the customer took when he received it.

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    What is the update of my order Aaron? You not replied my email and even didn't send me a picture as you promise.

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