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Thread: Tobacco medium bi fold weekly wear pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simplespeed View Post
    Thats a good lookin wallet. Its funny you mention that your old wallet had character. I was just thinking the other day about how people see an old wallet and say damn you need a new wallet. But to the carrier its IS character. I mean, that things been covering your ass for years and has spent more time with you than any family member probably has.
    You understand! Seriously though, my old wallet was pretty awesome. It even had a better logo.

    - Christian

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    Here is my SBL ID wallet. It's only a few weeks old and is already getting darker. Anxious to see what it looks like in a few months.

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    The light color is when it was brand new.

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    Here's my Large Dark Coffee Brown Bifold after 1.5 years.

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    I know this isn't the right thread but I received this bag today.....SBL is addicting!!

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    Nice - is that their backpack?

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    I have to chime in here and say that my medium tobacco bi fold wallet is awesome. I have had it for almost exactly a month now (an anniversary present from my wife) and carry it with me daily. It is a month old and still has that new leather smell and looks like it has never been used. I am starting to think that maybe the whole 100 year hard use, last forever claim may be true........

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnS View Post
    Nice - is that their backpack?
    Yep. It's a beast of a bag!

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    Week 7. On my dash today on lunch break.

    Lovin everyones pics!

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    It had gotten pretty wet yesterday so i dried it with a towel and let it air dry. I put a hint of mink oil on my hands and rubbed it in real good last night. I know your not supposed to just yet but my hands and pants are always dirty and a this thing will probably see alot of sweat. You can see where iv been grabbing it from my pocket with dirty hands. Not that i mind it, i think it looks cool. Anyway i just used a tad and this is it after today.

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    Dang, terrible lighting. Might try that again.

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    It might be the picture but it looks much cleaner than it did on your dashboard?

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    After it got wet i wiped t down with a towel and it came out cleaner after it dried. Its still dirty but cleaner.

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    Nice blade simple!!

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    Thanks! Its totally my favorite knife right now. I love the size and how lightweight it is. Its not the tank my zt 0350 is but its a much better slicer and a pretty good tactical folder. I didnt thinki would like it so much when i bought it lol.

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    Is that the military? Paramilitary?

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    Here is my SBL ID wallet after toting it around for about a month.

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    Its a paramilitary 2. And wow your id walled looks awesome!

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    Just ordered a Spyderco Paramilitary 2 and a Benchmade Mini Barrage.

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    Sweet what color paramilitary did you get?

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