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Thread: The knife that never needs sharpening

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    Exclamation The knife that never needs sharpening


    Saw this in a Cornwell tools magazine at work today. Who wants one! Lol.

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    I have a Kyocera ceramic kitchen knife that also claims it doesn't need to be sharpened. I've used it for 3 years now and while it can still cut it's definitely duller than before. They have a crazy high HRC of 90 or something.

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    I have several ceramic blades, they do need to be resharpened, and I don't like them... Too light, considering they are SOOO brittle it's no impresive at all...

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    Ceramic knives are not for me.

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    they all more or less say that they never need sharpened. i have a ceramic boker knife that was sent to me duller than a butter knife so yes they do go dull. i was able to get a good working edge on it with some diamond disks i have.
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    Oh my! I wish there were such a thing!

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    Never needs sharpening. That is because they are so freckin brittle that the blade will break before it needs sharpened.
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    Where is a good Ginsu when you need one?

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    Impossible to sharpen without diamond anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manowar669 View Post
    That certainly is a neet idea but for the cost of the replacement blades- you'd be well served learning how to sharpen a knife.

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    Gotta love adds that you can't believe. Ceramic blades do come sharp but they are so brittle, don't drop it on the floor! The only blade that never needs sharpening is a light saber!

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    I've stayed away from ceramic blades as most ads I have seen for them states:

    "It is brittle and cannot be used for chopping, cutting bones or frozen foods, or prying..."

    "...blade will break if dropped on a hard surface..."

    That leaves me out. I imagine for kitchen knives this might be ok, but not for one of my edc's. I also don't like to send stuff back unless absolutely necessary - can't see having to send one back for sharpening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RATlover View Post
    Oh my! I wish there were such a thing!
    There is, just don't use your knife, Renwax and keep it in a drawer and it'll never need sharpening.

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    The knife that never needs sharpening is the knife that's never used.

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    In about '98 or so, I thought about trying out a ceramic blade from Boker, but decided against it because of how brittle the blades reportedly can be. And, if course you don't have to sharpen them as often, but eventually they WILL get dull, which means I'd have to buy some completely different sharpening tools just to care for one blade. No thanks.
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    Since it says they never need to be sharpened and you guys' ceramic knives are going dull, can we get a lawsuit for false advertisement going or are you guys over the problem at this point?

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    This thread must have been a bad omen. I've been using a Stone River ceramic blade ti "demascus" folder since NYCKS (about three months). Its been a fine user for me. I've been using it relatively hard and its remained razor sharp. After reading this thread, I went to cut something for my dog and the tip of the blade snapped off. I guess we will learn how good/bad their warranty dept is.

    I have badly taken pics below:

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    I'm a very light user, but I recently picked up a Boker Anti-Grav (2oz) for my new dress knife. Super thin, deep carry clip, carbon fiber handle, and ceramic blade; not bad for $60.

    It came very sharp, and I doubt it will get enough use to ever need sharpening.

    It's very cool, and a total bargain for the materials that you get. But I probably wouldn't use it for EDC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drillsgt71 View Post
    Gotta love adds that you can't believe. Ceramic blades do come sharp but they are so brittle, don't drop it on the floor! The only blade that never needs sharpening is a light saber!
    Yeah, but they eventually need to be refocused and we all know what a PITA that is!

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