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Thread: Long Island knife Law Question

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    Long Island knife Law Question

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    Can you order a knife out of country via DSL that has a fixed blade larger then what the law allows with the plan to keep it as a collectors item without taking it out or carrying it in public? Will customs confiscate it before you get it?

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    This is not a clear question? NYS, Nassau and Suffolk Counties have no blade lenght restriction ( if there is a small town law I am not aware of it so check where you live).
    Most fixed blades are legal, and even those that may not be legal to carry are under most circumstances legal to own in your house.....

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    Suffolk County , but the blade is 14 inches, I only plan to use it for yard work on my private property

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    You can buy a machete at several stores with a blade longer than that in Suffolk county....

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    Does such a blade vialate US Custom

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    Nope, you're good to go. Which town in Suffolk? Former Lawn Guylander here.

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    Thanks for the feedback , East North Port

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    tom19176 can you make it clear what is considered legal (fixed blades) to carry in sheath on hip in suffolk county, and refference it please. It seems restrictions are mostly for NYC , I read your post that many long Island Police officers were former NYC officers. Any help you can provides would be great.

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    Fixed blades can not have a double edge or be "weapon like by design" think Tanto or bayonet blade. The issue is there is not a clear defintion of what is a knife designed as a weapon other than what I posted, so if you are walking in a mall on in Suffolk County with a Buck 119 on your belt and are not stopping at Dicks on your way to go fishing, then you may have an issue if stopped by an officer, but as long as you don't carry it as a weapon, you are not in direct violation of the law. Carry only what seems reasonable for your present activity, and stay away from questionable blade designs. There was a hunter upstate with a pistol ( he had a permit) and rifle and a dagger as his sheath knife. The trooper arrested him for carrying the dagger! You never know sometimes.....

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    My blades are Bowie in design, and the task would be hiking at a champ sights. Couldn’t any knife really fall under that "dangerous knife" classification which could justify an arrest at any time. Any feedback tom would be great
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    can anyone answer the above question

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    Dangerous knives in NY are best classifed one of two ways: design and intent. Some knives are deemed to be weapons by design : tanto blades, double edged blades, kriss and some others. While some of these maybe legal to possess at home, they are not legal to carry or have readily accessible in a car while transporting. The other issue is intent. In NYS you may not carry any item designed for use as a weapon. Your statement that you are carrying it as a weapon ( including self defense) makes it a dangerous item. Your question about a Bowie style knife does not have an absolute answer. I don't consider it a weapon by design, but others might, and many states list the term Bowie knife as a weapon ( NY does not do so by name). This is the over all problem with knives in general as alot is open to the understanding and training of the officer you are dealing with. I can almost bet that if you show any knife to five different officers you will get five different statements as to wheter or not it is legal.
    I will offer a few examples of this: I posted this a few years back: I was at the Broadway Mall with my son and two plain cloths officers stopped three teens and found one in possession of a flickable locking knife. The one officer quickly stated it was a gravity knife while the other pulled him aside to question my he thought it was illegal. The kid ended up in the back seat in handcuffs. It was clear the two officers had differing thoughts but the teen was still taken away. I can also tell you of an arrest by the Queens North Task Force of the NYPD awhile back for a group of four men in a car that had an open box of steak knives in the car. When the officer asked why they had the open box of steak knives, the men honestly asnwered they had been fearlful of an attack by another group of men, and were carrying them for self defense- they were all arretsed. So you see it is hard to make you feel that you are fully legal in carry a Bowie style knife in NY, but I feel if you are engaged in a camping or sporting activity you will most likely be fine out side of NYC.....I wish it was as clear as having a pistol permit or not, but sadly it isn't.

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    with a great deal of thanks


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    is there such a thing as a knife permit for hunting/camp grounds in Suffolk county.

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    Not that I have ever heard of. The closest thing is a fishing/hunting/trapping license ( or a Sportsman license which covers all three).

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    I guess the next question is does the law allow hunting with a knife in lu of a riffle

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    It seems that on long island any knife carry will be left up to the officer on the spot.

    I guess safer is not to carry a knife or don't
    Use one in public where someone might call a cop.

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