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Thread: Treeman's knives.

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    Treeman's knives.

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    Any of you fellas use your knives made by Jim "Treeman" Behring? It'd be great if you could post pics in action if you've got any. Luv' the old school Scagel look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WILLIAM.M View Post
    Man, I wish I still had those pics! That was the last computer that crashed. I had 5 customs made by Jim from a deal we worked out, he made me a small bird and trout with a 4 inch blade, several medium blades, and an 7-8 inch was his first with hammer marks on the my request.
    I looked at it for about a week, and then said..."what the heck", and went out and chopped a big poplar blow down with it. His heat treat is spot on, and he makes a work of art that functions as well as it looks. I do believe I traded it off for some Busse, which had my interest at the time, and now I wish I had a time machine...I would kick my own ass for that trade.

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    Don't have any of the classic range, and haven't put my Treeman to use yet, but since I see so few pictures of any of their knives here, I am going to post anyway

    One of their modern range.

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