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Thread: Sambar Stag Scales

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    Sambar Stag Scales

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    Genuine India Sambar Stag.
    Prices include shipping and Paypal fee's

    Good prices here,on small batches of popular sizes. Other sizes available.

    This batch FS is 3" in length,the two sets on the left are 1-1/8" wide,and the two sets to the right are 1-1/4" wide.
    $100. takes them (4 sets)
    I have amber dyed sets (professionally pressure dyed) sets in the 3 X 1-1/8" size for $3 0. p/set,and other sizes too.
    This stag is not dyed,rather treated with Potassium Permangenate

    $100. shipped,Paypal fee included,high quality stuff..

    Here is 4 sets 3.5 X 1-1/8" for $125. shipped Con US
    Paypal fee included
    No longer imported,you may want to put some away for a later date

    4 sets 4.5" x 1.25"
    $240. shipped,Paypal fee included

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