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Thread: Lg Sebby, RaidOps, ESEE RC5, Casio GW 9010

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    Lg Sebby, RaidOps, ESEE RC5, Casio GW 9010

    Hi folks,

    Just want to thin my collection and rise fund for new.

    The first is guitar Sebby. Mint condition, carried in a pouch but never used. Comes with everything (tool, paper, pouch, cloth). Perfect center close condition. Born in Sept 2008. Try to asking $370 shipped.

    The second is a ESEE RC5 with moded sheath. Just handled but not used. I add a Maxpedition pouch on the sheath, you can put some gears in it. It also comes with ESEE molle sheath back. Try to asking $120 shipped. The swiss is not for sale because it is not mine.

    The third is a old RaidOps combat finger. A scratch comes from factory, carried some days. Try to asking sold.

    The last one is a normal used Casio G-shock 9010. It is used but in great condition. I rate it is 92% of mint condition. The glass is perfect with no marks. The case and band are also good with some "salt" trace from swimming pool but I can clean it easily. It is a multiband 6 watch. That is no problem to receive radio wave from the USA. It comes with everything (tin, manual, and paper box). Try to asking $140 shipped.

    I prefer these toys could flow in Canada because shipping fee to other country is so expensive. I also like to use paypal and I can eat the fee.

    I also consider trade, I like diving watch, multitools.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Interested in Raidops. Where can I contact you. Thanks.

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    Interested in the ESEE RC5. Email sent.

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    Raidops sold to Dendomda.

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    Is the 5 still available

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    Still available.

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    Is the Large Sebenza still available?

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