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Thread: Limited Interent Access

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    Limited Interent Access

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    For the next two weeks, I will have limited access to to the interent.

    I had to cancel my Time Warner cable/internet (They can't seem to honor a simple contract or maintain a basic level of quality control.), and will have to wait two weeks to have another company run a fiber optic line to my house.

    This should resovle a lot of issues, as my internet connectivity has been spotty lately.

    I'm usually pretty quick responding to emails, but there may be a bit of a delay for the next few weeks.

    Thanks for your patience!

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    Johnathan, we have T/W here in Cincinnati as well . . . . and I can 2nd your claim about them as well. Recently saw where their company was ranked in the top 5 of the worst customer service departments of big corporations.
    Best of luck in the future.
    Be safe.

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    I have had nothing but trouble with TW. Good luck with the new company.


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