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Thread: Knife laws in malta

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    Knife laws in malta

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    Hello there, I'm going to malta this summer for a week and i couldnt find any information on the internet, so i would like to ask if someone here knows the law down there?

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    I was there in 2006 and saw a number of switchblades for sale all over the island so i would have to assume (I know...) that at least they are legal. There was a martial arts store in Luqa that sells just about everything. I would say you could carry folders but don't wave them around (like anywhere) and you should be fine. I never had an issue with mine and the clip was always hanging out of my pocket. You could email a martial arts place as well, they should have info or be able to find it.

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    Hey, i know its been a while since you've posted, but you shouldn't worry.. they are very relaxed over there i lived there for some time, and carried knives daily.... no problems.. plus as tattooed said, they sell all typed of knives in the markets...

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    I posted a reply over here in case someone does a search in the future for Maltese knife laws:

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