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Thread: Need Shrade Old Timer expert for Identification

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    Need Shrade Old Timer expert for Identification

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    I recently found a Shrade, Old Timer 150T that was rescued from a barn in Texas. I thought all the 150T's had serial numbers and had two different types of factory stampings on the blade. On stamping was on the blade next to the tang and the other was a stamping on the upper blade and stamped at an angle.
    This 150T has a straight stamping on the upper blade and I find no serial number. Would someone be able to look at the included pictures and identify the date of the knife? I do know that the 150T was made from 1964-1979 but I could not find and information on the markings.
    Thanks for your help!
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    You can post pictures by uploading them to a hosting service such as Photobucket. Then either use the picture tool in the tool bar with the picture address, or you can just insert the IMG code in the post.

    You might also ask on the Schrade collectors forum here:
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    I'm not an expert on this pattern, but most Old Timers were not serialized, except a few of the very early fixed blade knives with the Schrade Walden stamp. 1973 was the year they dropped Walden. Your link goes to these three pictures.
    This link might help clear up your questions.
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